Coach Steve zum ersten (Kanter)Sieg in der EA3L

If you want to win, you have to shoot a lot.

Wiener Sport-Club, coming into the game last night with a record of 0 – 2 in the Eisner Auto Third League of the Wiener Eishockey Verband, came to the ice rink at Wiener Stadthalle looking for a signal. Apparently they found it during and after beating their opponent, the Carinthian Seahawks, solidly 10 – 1.

Naturally you come into a situation like that wanting to win. That’s normal. But that’s not the signal we were looking for.

Yeah, you want to fuel and be fueled by the chants of the hero WSC supporter gang in the crowd, and as an individual, you want to score, you want to make a difference with each and every move you make. Passing, position, backcheck, forecheck, attack triangle efficiancy, focus, calmness and full-ice vision. Now we are getting there. What this adds up to is a group of individuals performing as a team. Communication, the defensive pairings, the offensive lines, the goaltending and the coaching, it came naturally. All for one, one for all (the traditional motto of Switzerland).

I counted shots last night. I didn’t do that the last two matches, but I am the type who shouts „Shoot! – Shoot! – Shoot!“ like a parrot. This time I wanted to know how many for, and against.

We had 64 shots on goal. The Seahawks, 19.
10 of 64 went in. If we want to win, we have to shoot a lot.
Hattrick Roman Balaz. Hattrick Mathias Klien.
Game winner Sascha Streck.
Statistic lovers please click HERE

The next opponent will be EHC United on November 16th at 21.10 at Wiener Stadthalle C. Bring some noise! We will supply the shots.

Nice win last night Sport-Club!

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