Coach Steve mit Game Review (engl.)

Tuesday the 16th of October, 2018, the day Wiener Sport-Club got back on ice to play a league
hockey match against its new arch rival, 
The Crazy Wizards at the famed Viennese ice hockey arena ruin Eisring Süd.

Before every hockey match you feel the heightened anticipation, both the players and the coaching staff.
Butterflies in the stomach. It is a crucial part of the pre-game.
WSC playing its first match in 98 years, with a team of players relatively new to one-another,
the anticipation was triple the norm.

After the opening ceremonies, face-off. Coach Wacker warned the team in pre-game of the Crazy Wizards
puck handling, shooting and good skill. Crazy Wizards scored young into the first period. A bit later in the
first, they got another to make it 2 - 0.
Still in the first with action packed voll-gas hustle, WU slammed one home for WSC. Goal!
Good back and forth hockey was the consistant through the whole match.

But the Crazy Wizards made it 3 – 1 in the second. It looked tie-able, but the time was ticking faster than
the hustle and fight WSC could give.  Penalties on both sides put heavy pressure on WSC’s
short-handed and power-play units.
The Crazy Wizards were able to contain WSC’s attack.
In a frustrating final second action in the third period, a Crazy Wizard exited the penalty box flying,
got the hail-mary pass and scored number four  on a clean break-away.

The Crazy Wizards win 4 – 1.
Statistics lovers please click HERE

WSC came out on the other side. Not a horrible thing though. Every one can lose 4 – 1.
It was just the way the puck bounced last tuesday.
Main thing is that Sport-Club hockey is back and we’re going to make big strides this season.

Match number 2 on friday night against the Wolves. 
Watch for WSC’s blast out of the gate hustle and for sure, a more viscious offence.

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