3 – 3 WSC gegen Chiefs

No one likes a 3 – 3 tie. But you gotta be stoked that Wiener Sport Club came out of the match against the hard hitting Chiefs with 1 big point. It was a battle.

Something was in the air last sunday night at the EisStadhalle. The clock was screwy. Our timing was a tick off spot-on.  Pucks came too early or a step off-beat. The sticks were swinging at sand and the breaks didn’t go our way. Within minutes of the begin, Hendrick gets side-swiped by a truck. You could see the cartoon birds flying around his head afterwards. The Chiefs followed through on most of their checking opportunities. They were flying and put in the first goal at the 6 minute mark. This time the Chiefs ruled the first period, and the WSC skaters heard about it in the intermission.

Period 2 looked much better for Sport Club. Chiefs kept on their game, but WSC toned it up a notch. Both teams scored twice in the period. Clemens Ederer got WSC on the board first by firing one in at 4:45, assisted by Hendrick Schulze. 5 minutes later, Magnus Trygvasson sent off an unstoppable banger ricochetting off the crossbar and into the net. WSC up 2 – 1, but not for long. Chiefs answered with two of their own, leaving Sport Club down 3 – 2.

In period 3, both teams played neck and neck, with the exception that we scored and the Chiefs did not. WSC ties it up at 19:19 with a right-place-right-timer from Roman Balaz, assisted by Sascha Streck. The score remains 3 – 3 until the buzzer.

Hard fought? Yes. Gonna feel it the next day? Yes.

Good training for thursday’s match against the Hurricanes? Hell yes!

Still, I hate 3 – 3 ties! Statistics here.

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