Sport-Club 4, Crazy Wizards 5

What do you do? Chips fall. Guys with a lot of hockey experience are hard to beat.

The Crazy Wizards know the grid. Their play with position is their energy saver, and they can pick off a target anywhere inside the blue line. Gotta say that they are fun to watch. And they are the kind of a team that you wonder if they could score at will. Like, if you tie it up, they’ll just skate end to end and score as much as they need to. Legends.

Well, not really*, but nice enough guys. The match was fair, and to be honest, the end score could have been the other way around.

I was really excited to watch this match prior to it. Three popping lines, Hannes Grössl back in the line-up!!! And Magnus Trygvasson switching from D to centering the third line, with Rene Martinu switching from wing to D. And what do you know?…, all three of them scored last night, with Roman Balaz to make the 4 WSC tallies.

Period 1, they smoked us 3 – 1. Goal by Magnus Tryvasson. Good back and forth, but we were a bit tense, not extending to our natural form.

The second period was our period. 2 – 0 making it a 3 – 3 game. Goals by Hannes Grössl and Roman Balaz. We skated hard, loosened up and did our hard working thing. 3 of those we’d win any game.

A rash of penalties in the third ruined our tempo and had us short-handed for a good bit of the period. The strong power play unit of the Wizards capitalized twice, making it 5 – 3, Crazy Wizards. It killed the mood until the end, when we pulled the goalie (Thomas Azman) for the 6 on 5 and Rene scored with 8 seconds left.

There you have it. The Interim round has begun, and will set the stage for the end, ‚Play-Off’ round. Two more matches to go. We gotta use these matches to train and strengthen our line-internal dialogue, team timing and to get used to bumping up the muscle when the game needs it. Speed, muscle and endurance. The goals will come. The fans will scream! „WSC WSC WSC WSC WSC WSC WSC WSC WSC WSC“!

Come next time.

Crazy Wizards 5, Sport-Club 4.

Shots on goal: Crazy Wizards 34, WSC 33.

WSC Man of the match: Hannes Grössl.

Thanks to the Dj/announcer/scorekeeping unit, the refs, the Crazy Wizards and the wonderful WSC fans. Statistic lovers please click here.

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